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What is Two Jaw Chuck?

Friends, in this post I have two jo chuck what is? It has been told about its benefits etc., if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is Two Jaw Chuck? (Two Jaw Chuck kya hai?)

chuck Two Jaw Chuck it is said.

The working method and structure of this chuck is similar to the four jaw chuck, but it has only two jaws to hold the job, but the four jaw chuck has four jaws to hold the job.

Two Jaw Chuck

Two jaw chucks also have screws to drive the jaws, which freely move the jaws in or out. A square hole is made in this screw. square shaped in the same hole Chuck Key The screw is turned by inserting it.

When the jaws are to be driven outwards, the screw is turned anti-clockwise with the chuck key and when the jaws are to be driven inwards, i.e., the job is to be fastened, the screw is turned clockwise.

Benefits of Two Jaw Chuck

  • It is used to hold special types of jobs, which cannot be caught by other chucks.
  • In this, small jobs are caught easily.

Guys, what if you have to joe chuck? Post If you like it then tell me by commenting.

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