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What is Welding Cable?

Friends, I have written in this post What is Welding Cable? We have told about the properties of welding cables, etc., if you want to get information, then read the post completely.

What is Welding Cable? (Welding Cable kya hai?)

This cable is different from other cables, when electric current flows in a wire, heat is generated in it due to the resistance of that wire or cable. This heat can burn ordinary wire, welding cable does not burn.

Welding Cable

Welding cables or leads are special electrical wires that connect the electrode holder and job to the cable welding transformer.

While welding in this way, the current from the welding machine through electrode holder, electrode arc, job and earth clamp reaches back to the transformer.

The current carrying capacity of welding cables should be very high, as high current is used for welding work. If the capacitance of the cable is higher, then the risk of overheating of the cable is less. If the cable starts to overheat. So the working rate of the welding machine will be affected. Because the cable is overheated, the current going to the welding machine and from the welding machine will not be able to conduct properly.

Properties of Welding Cable

This good cable should have the following qualities, which are given below-

  • The insulation of the welding cable should be good, so that it does not wear when rubbed.
  • The resistance of the cable’s insulation should be good.
  • The cable should have high ductility, so that it is easy for the welder to do the welding.
  • The joints of the welding cables should be well tightened and strong, so that there is no danger of sparking on the load while welding.
  • The current carrying capacity of the cable should be high, so that the cable does not heat up and burn when under load.

Guys, what if you need a welding cable? If you like the post then comment by doing Explain.

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