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What to do after ITI (ITI ke Baad kya kare in hindi))

ITI ke Baad kya kare in hindi:- Friends, today I will tell you this. What should you do after ITI? Or what should you do? What would be the best for you to do after ITI? So let’s get started.

What to do after ITI

You can do the following work or course, which is explained below-

ITI ke Baad kya kare


You can do it after ITI. It is for one year. Vacancies come out from its government in private limited companies and in government sector companies and railways.

To do this, you have to first apply form. After which your selection will be done. Then you can practice.

You will be made to work in it for one year. In which you will be given a helper post. In which you will keep taking training only for one year. And every month you will get 10% less salary than the salary of semi skill worker. And when you complete one year. Then there will be paper and practical. And you will get apprentice certificate from the government for this one year. Which is called ATC (Apprenticeship Trade Certificate). (What to do after ITI)


If you have done ITI from SCVT, then you cannot work outside your state. And in apprenticeship, you may have to do apprenticeship for 2 years. But there is a way for SCVT people, that they have to give a paper. By which you will get the certificate of NCVT. And you can work outside your state by applying NCVT certificate.


If you have done ITI from NCVT, then you can work outside your state.

If you are very worried that you are not getting selected in the apprentice, then there will be some government ITI institute in or near the place where you live. Go there and talk. So he will get you engaged in any private or government sector.

If you want to do apprenticeship from government sector only, then you can apply on the website given below.

For apprenticeship you can apply on this website:- www.apprenticeship. gov.in

You can fill the form in two ways.

  1. If your ITI is not complete, or you have given last semester or final year paper, then you can fill the form by selecting Appearing.
  2. If your ITI is complete, or you have got ITI certificate, then you can fill the form with ITI complete option.

How to apply on this website. I will tell you about this in the next post.

Benefits of Apprentice Certificate.

If you have done apprentice from railway sector, then when government job will come out in railway from government side. Then you will get 5% to 10% relaxation in merit list or exam with the help of Railway Apprentice Certificate.

When job comes out in private sector or government sector, and when they ask for ITI + one year training certificate, then only apprentice complete can fill the form. And you can give exams. But after that there will be no apprentice certificate. So he won’t even be able to fill the form. And will not even be able to give the exam. (What to do after ITI)


It is a one year course. Those who have completed ITI. And he wants to join the teaching line of ITI. So do that CTI/CITS.

You can do this course from private or government institute. Its private institutions are 10% and government or government institutions are 90% all over India.

When you will do CTI/CITS. Then you can teach in private institute of ITI with the help of this certificate. And when the teacher vacancies for the government institute came out. Then you can apply and get government job.

But the importance of this certificate is neither in companies. Nor is there any different type of teaching job without technical. (What to do after ITI)

3.Diploma or Polytechnic

Friends, you can do polytechnic after ITI. For this you have to apply from Group ‘K’ of Polytechnic. If you get selected in it. So your admission will be done in direct second year.

But you have to give first year exam along with second year in second year. And also have to pass in all subjects. If due to any reason you get stuck in any subject. Or if you fail, then you will have to pass the failed subject by giving a second exam. (What to do after ITI)

4.Government Job Preparation

After passing ITI you can prepare for government job. If you have good knowledge of your trade, then you can prepare for government job related to your trade (eg- Railway, DRDO, Govt. Steel Factory, Gun Factory, ISRO, Electricity Department etc.), and by passing the paper. You can get job. (What to do after ITI)

5.Private Job

Let those people do it. Those who cannot pass the government exam. Or they are not so well prepared. Or do not have the ability to get a government job. So don’t be disappointed. There is a way for them too.

If those who are not able to get government jobs related to ITI or any other type. Because there is no government job in everyone’s life. So don’t be disappointed either. There is a way for them too.

Friends, if you come across the above lines. And if you are worried, then make your private job your life. Because there is no less money in it. Well, nowadays 90% of the people do private jobs. The remaining 10% people do government jobs. Because private jobs are easily available. And government job is very difficult to get.

Nowadays there is more demand for technical bandh in companies. So you have a 100% chance of getting the job done.

If you learn the work of one sector in the company and get enough experience of four or five years, then that company can hire you permanently. And can raise your post to the top level. When the level rises. Then your money will increase. And the work will also have to be done less. (What to do after ITI)

Friends, if you liked this post of mine, then let us know by commenting. And if there are any doubts, So You can ask by commenting.

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