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What was the effect of the 1917 revolution on Russia?

In 1917, there was a violent revolution in Russia, which was the most important event in the history of the twentieth century. This revolution had the following effects on Russia.

1-The end of autocratic tsarism-

Russia was ruled by tyrannical and autocratic tsars for centuries. Autocratic rule in Russia came to an end after the 1917 revolution. Tsar Nicholas II and members of the dynasty were executed.

2- The end of feudalism-

As a result of this revolution, the feudal system and the privileged class of the upper class ended in Russia.

3-The end of imperialism-

Poland, Finland, and Jazia were the colonies of Russia. They were given independence after the revolution. Thus Russian imperialism was abolished.

4- Establishment of communist government-

With this revolution, the new communist government in Russia headed by Lenin took over the reins of the country. The country was merged with the Soviet Socialist Republic.

5-End of Exploitation-

After this revolution, the entire property and industries of the country were owned by the government. It became the responsibility of the state to give work to every person according to his ability and ability. At the same time it became necessary for everyone to work.

6-Emphasis on social welfare-

After the formation of the new government, all the resources of the country were used for public interest instead of private interest. It became the responsibility of the government to provide roti, cloth and house to every person working.

7-All-round development of Russia-

It was a completely backward country from the revolution. But after the revolution, the new government turned the body of Russia. The country grew rapidly and within a few years it became a powerful nation.

8- Spread of education-

The communist government spread education rapidly in the country. By 1941, 41% of the country’s population had become educated.

9-Foundation of socialism-

The new government that came to power after this revolution converted the principles of Karl Marx into action. Socialism was established in its true form by nationalizing all the means. Particular attention was paid to economic and social equities.

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