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What were the reasons for industrialization?

Hello friends my name is Bhupendra. And in today’s article, we will tell you that due to the industrial revolution, we will give you complete information about it. So you read this article completely and visit our website for similar information.

Following are the main reasons for the Industrial Revolution,

1. Establishment of colonies- New geographical discoveries inspired the countries of Europe to establish their colonies. In a short span of time, many countries like England, France, Spain and Holland established their colonies in every corner of the world.

What were the reasons for industrialization?

To reach these colonies, the countries of Europe had to develop means of transport. Also, these colonizations provided raw materials. And there is a market available for the pucca goods. Thus the establishment of colonization provided special assistance in bringing about the Industrial Revolution.

2. Increase in the demand for goods- The trade of European countries was increasing rapidly. Traders used to trade and earn a lot with the countries of the East. After the establishment of the colonies, they started selling their goods in the colonies also. Thus the demand for their goods was increasing continuously.

Traders wanted to sell more and more goods by producing more and more, but only cottage industries could not produce more; Therefore, huge mills were set up for mass production, so that more production could be possible at a lower price.

1. Mention one major cause of the Industrial Revolution.

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