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Which are the major fibrous crops of India?

1-Classification of crops on the basis of seasons,

Rabi cropWinter season crops are called Rabi. These crops require low temperature at the time of sowing and dry and warm environment at the time of ripening. This crop is sown in October-November. Harvested in March-April. For example, wheat, barley, gram, pea, mustard, potato, rye etc.

Kharif cropThe crops of the rainy season are called Kharif. These crops require high temperature and humidity at the time of sowing and dry environment at the time of ripening. This crop is sown in June-July and harvested in November-December. For example, paddy, sugarcane, oilseeds, cotton, maize, sesame, jowar, millet etc.

Zaid crop- After Kharif and Rabi crops, zayed crop is grown in some areas through artificial irrigation throughout the year. The crops of this class have good ability to tolerate high heat and dry winds. Sown between March to April and harvested in June-July. Vegetables, maize, melon, watermelon, arbi, greens, okra etc. come under this.

cash crop- The crop that is grown by farmers for the purpose of trade. Those crops whose main purpose of growing is to earn money by doing business. Which the farmers either sell wholly or use partly and the rest sell a large part. Cash crops are also called commercial crops.
For example, cotton, sugarcane, tobacco, jute etc.

Which are the major fibrous crops of India?


  • Maize is derived from Picorn, it is a bisexual plant. Maize is used as a major food grain in the relatively dry parts of our country.
  • The geographical conditions required for maize are long summer season, clear sky and good rainfall, 25°C to 30°C temperature, 50 cm to 80 cm rainfall, deep loamy soil containing nitrogen. It has the highest amount of starch as compared to other cereal crops. in country Karnataka is the largest producer of maize Happens in After this comes the place of Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.
  • in maize production India’s 7th in the world is the location. The main varieties of maize are – Ganga 1, Ganga 101, Vijay, Jawahar, Vikram, Ratan, Kisan, Sona and Ranjit etc.


  • In our country, the cultivation of oilseed crops is being done mostly in the areas with poor soil and rain deficient. Oilseeds are cultivated in both Rabi and Kharif crop seasons.
  • Mustard is the main crop of Rabi while is Groundnut Agriculture Kharif is done at the time of Madhya Pradesh is the leading state in the production of oilseeds Is .

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