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Which course should science students do after 12th?

Hello friends, welcome to my website, today I will tell you that to the students of science who have done 12th PCM i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, then what are the courses after 12th through which you can proceed.

Courses after 12th for Science students

Friends, you have done 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Maths i.e. PCM and after 12th related to science, I will tell such courses which you can choose and make your future.

Engineering Engineering

Engineering is a field whose salary package is very good, and there are many multinational companies in which the demand for engineers is high.

To become an engineer, you have to do B.Tech or BE, it takes 4 years to do both the courses. To do B.Tech or BE, you must have passed 12th PCM.

B.Arch Bachelor of Architecture

Although you can do many courses after 12th, but one of those courses comes, B.Arch, its full form is Bachelor of Architecture. From the name, you must be feeling that Artitech will be a building design work, yes you understood it right, if I give you more information about this, then you can do this course after 12th. If you have what is from 12th PCM then this is a very good option for you to do this course, in this you get the job of designing big building, college, company, school, government property etc.

So friends, let’s talk about how you will get admission in B.Arch course, if you are above 17 years of age then you are eligible for this course and there is no role of age in it, whatever your age you can take admission but your Age should be above 17 years. If you want to do B.Arch from best college then you can give entrance exam for it. Test is taken by NATA i.e. National Aptitude Test in Architecture. This is a national level test conducted by the Counseling of Architecture. If you pass that then you will definitely get its admission in the best college.

Let’s talk about its future, its future is very vast because buildings will never stop being built and you must have seen that in today’s time very wonderful buildings have started being built, then your career will go very well in it.

Integrated M.Sc Integrated Master of Science

If you want to do course after 12th then you can also do Integrated MSc course. This course is of 5 years duration. To do this course, you can do IIT through Indian Institute of Technology, IISC i.e. Indian Institute of Science, IISER i.e. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research.

Now you must be thinking that which is the best college in India to do Integrated MSc course, then let me tell you that IISc and IISER is the best college in India today. If you are interested to do Integrated M.Sc course then you can take your admission in these best colleges.

BCA Bachelor of Computer Application

Nowadays the interest of students is getting more in computer field, so many students want to go in computer field after passing 12th and BCA course is a very good choice to go to computer field. But before taking admission in this course, you should have complete information about it and what will happen in your future after doing BCA and what is the study in it and how much salary you can get after doing this course.

So let’s know what is BCA, BCA is a degree program, its full form is Bachelor of Computer Application, which we can also call an undergraduate degree course. This course is of 3 years and you can do this course even after passing 12th. In this course, you are taught courses related to computer application and computer science and it is a technical degree course in which the student is prepared for the technical field.

If you do this course, then going ahead you can easily get a job in the field of computer or IT and in this you also get very good salary so that you can make your future good. Another advantage of taking this course is that it will give you a lot of knowledge about computers such as how software is made. If you do this course then you can also do the job of software engineer.

B.Com Bachelor of Commerce

B.Com is a course in which you get account maintenance ie accounting work and B.Com course is of 6 semesters. If you do this course, then you are taught about Income Tax Department, Business Law, Finance Management, Marketing Management, Banking Law, Computer, Labor Law, Economics, Personal Management, Statics, Cost Accounting, Accounting etc. If you have done B.Com course after 12th then you can get a very good job. After doing B.Com course, you can easily get jobs in Business Consultancy, Education, Banking Institute, Investment Banking Sector, Public Accounting Firms, Working Capital Management, Auditing, Foreign Trade Center, Industrial Housing, Telecommunication and Marketing Company and there is a lot of it. Good salary is also given.

B.Sc. Degree Bachelor of Science

B.Sc. Key full form is Bachelor of Science and you must be knowing from the name itself that this is a science side field. B.Sc is such a course that a lot of students do B.Sc. You will also get doctors and bankers and you will get B.Sc. The students are getting many government jobs. B.Sc. The course is of 3 years and you are considered a graduate after doing this course. If you have done 12th and you have more than 50% marks then you can do this course.

In B.Sc i.e. Bachelor of Science, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, botany, computer science, environmental science, physics electronics, mathematics, zoology can be left out of any three to four subjects.

Now if we talk about government jobs, then most government jobs come out in B.Sc. Through this course, you can make your fortune by doing jobs in Chemists, Dairy Technologists, Doctors, Ecologists, Laboratory Technicians, Geologists, Pharmacists, Plant Biochemists, Science Advisors etc. And the salary package in these sectors is also very good.

B.Des Bachelor of Design

If you like fashion and design related work then this course is very good for you. Today’s era is going very fashionable and it will go a long way in the coming times. You can take admission for this course from 12th pass. But the fees of B.Des course are very high, so the general category person is not able to do this course. If you like work related to fashion and design, then you can do this course after 12th.

BA Bachelor of Arts

The full form of BA is Bachelor of Arts. BA is easier than other courses, so most of the students start their graduation from BA itself and you can do this course even after 12th pass. The course of BA is of 3 years, you can do it either regular or private.

The fee of BA course is around 10 to 20 thousand in private colleges and very less in government colleges. After doing BA, you can also do courses like MA, Diploma, LLB, MBA etc.

After doing BA, you can become Public Relations Executive, Economist, Public Servant, Journalist, Budget Analyst, Copywriter, Customer Care Executive, Teacher, Social Worker, HR. Executive business writers can earn a lot of money by working in the field of job like Research Assistant, Contact Writer, Scientist, Professor etc.

final conclusionFriends, today I have explained this to you through this post. Ginnie Students like science and after 12th they can make their future by doing any science related course. If you like the information I have told, then definitely share it with your friends Jai Hind Jai Bharat.

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