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Who are the consumers?

biosphere Two types of animals live in

Producer –

Producers are those organisms which physical environment Make your own food from it. They are also called autotrophic organisms. Green trees – plants and all types of vegetation are the primary producers. plants in ocean waters, plankton primary are producers because they make their own food using solar energy.

Who are the consumers?

Consumer –

Consumers depend on other organisms for their food. They are also called host. They have four categories-

  1. Vegetarian or primary consumer Deer and Rabbit.
  2. Non-vegetarian or secondary consumer – Lion and Cheetah.
  3. omnivorous or omnivorous consumer Human.
  4. Decomposer or wasting consumer – Bacteria, fungi, termites etc.

In this way, organic substances are converted into non-living substances by decomposing organisms. These inorganic substances With the help of solar energy, trees and plants again make their own food.

Deer, rabbits etc. get their food from trees and plants, while lions and cheetahs eat deer, rabbits etc. Man takes his food trees – plants and accessories consumers receives from. Thus this sequence continues at a constant speed and cyclic process gets completed.

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