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Who first used the word communication?

Communication Use of the word According to Harald Loswell, the main functions of a communication medium are information collection and dissemination, information analysis, communication of social values ​​and knowledge, and entertainment of people.

Meaning of Communication

Communication refers to the transfer of an idea, feeling, information or information to others. ‘Communications’ words of english language ‘Communication’ Hindi meaning of the word.
Origin of the word communication ‘Communis’ derived from the word.


‘Communis’ It means- “To share a subject or thing through any medium or to share one’s thoughts and feelings with others can be called ‘communication’.

Example- when one Teacher To convey his ideas to the students, he takes the help of speech or lecture, then his purpose is to reach the students. Communication Meaning just has to be conveyed.

Communication has been defined in different ways by many scholars. Some of the major definitions are as follows-

Scholars Coffin and Shaw said

,Communications There is an exchange of mutual understanding.”
(“Communication is an exchange of understanding.”)

Scholar Denis Macquail said

,communication process that promotes equality.
(“Communication is a process which increases Commonality.”)

Scholar Mr. Havland said

,communication or communication is the force by which a person transfers information or stimuli with the aim of bringing about a change in the behavior of other persons.
(“Communication is the force by which an individual communication transmits stimuli to modify the behavior of other individuals.”)

It is clear from all the above definitions, that communication is the process in which there is mutual exchange of ideas, feelings, reactions, facts and effects between two or more people.

Communication should be such that there is harmony between the transmitter and the collector, awareness should be created in them and they can get the necessary knowledge.

In other words, it is the process of communication by which knowledge, attitudes and ideas are created and transformed among people.

Features of Communication

The most important characteristic of communication is that it is dynamic, complex and systematic or systematic. Along with this, cause and effect occur simultaneously in this, its characteristics are as follows-


Communication main mobility is found, in this the nature and meaning of the message sent and received is variable. The meaning of the message changes according to the particular context; like- “Be faithful to the work.”

It has different meanings for message industries establishments, employees working in government offices, school or college teachers, students etc.


Communication An interactive communication has a number of factors influencing the process; like- Likes and dislikes, personality, attitude, manner of behavior etc. All these elements or factors are related to both the source and recipient of the message.


Communication is a systematic process, because the variables exchanged between individuals are interdependent and interacting with each other; For example, the effort made by a child to speak is dependent on many variables. His physical age, parental pressure, home environment, intelligence etc. Many variables affect it.

4.Origin of Cause and Effect Together

In the process of communication or communication, both cause and effect occur simultaneously; like- “I will not eat.” The main reason for this can also be loss of appetite and the desire to eat can also be lost due to the effect of tension or argument with someone. In the process of this type of communication, a variable may prove to be a cause in one situation and an effect in another.

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