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Who is a Machine Vice? What metal is the machine vice made of? use this

What is a Machine Vice?

“Vice used in any workshop by fitting it to the table or base of a machine, machine vice (machine vice) is called”.

This vice is fixed on the table of the machine with the help of ‘T’ bolt. The head of the ‘T’ bolts is inserted into the ‘T’ slots of the machine table and is tightened by a nut in the groove made in the machine vice. The jaws of this vice also open parallel to the bench vice, but its height is much less than that of the bench vice and the width of its jaws is more than that of the bench vice. And the jaws located at one end of it and the bangles of the spindle are made at the other end. Square bangles are cut on its spindle.
This spindle drives the movable jaw back and forth on the body of the vice.


its body cast iron or cast steel is made of. and its spindle mild steel is made of.


It is used to hold the job while drilling, milling etc.


These vices are of the following types-

(1.)Ordinary Machine Vice

The height of this vice is less. Therefore, through this vice, the job can be held closer to the table of the machine. This vice can be held parallel or vertical to the ‘T’ slots on the table. Its movable jaw slides into the grooves made in the body of the vice.

(2.)rotational machine vice

In this, the vice is tightened by two clamping screws on a rotational basis. Due to this, there is no need to open the vice again and again to rotate the job. An angular scale is also made on its basis, with the help of which it (vice) can be adjusted at any angle. And by taking apart its rotational base, it can also be used as an ordinary machine and vice versa.

(3.) Universal Machine Vice

In this, there is a system of binding the job and rotating it at any angle in the horizontal plane and vertical plane. And by attaching the job to it, many of its surfaces can be machined at different angles. This vice is mostly used in the tool room. And this vice cannot be used for heavy work, as it is very less strong.

(4.)Vertical Machine Vice

If the ordinary machine vice is turned in one direction then its jaws will become vertical instead of parallel. and made necessary changes in its base to clamp it on the machine table go So it will become the vertical machine vice.
This vice is used for milling at the ends of the job.

(5.)Drill Machine Vice

It is mainly used on drilling machines, so it is drill machine vice it is said. It has a knurling handle to move the movable jaw back and forth. And the jaw can be moved by lifting its handle. To fasten the job, the job is tightened by bringing the handle down and rotating it round. And this saves time.

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