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Who is Bukose Riley? , Structure | modus operandi

Electric Power Distribution And Transmission In, buchholz relay is a safety device that can be used for some oil-filled electricity Transformer and reactors, which are equipped with an external overhead oil reservoir called “guardian” is called.

Who is Bukose Riley? , Buchholz relay kya hota hai

It’s a Transformer safety device It makes the transformer foreseeable from the damage caused by an electrical fault and at the same time it saves it from burning.

Buchholz Relay

Buchholz Relay is a gas based relay, which operates due to the gas generated from the oil of the transformer, so that Transformer protects.

It is also known by other names, of which the first name pre-fault relay and another name Gas Actuated Relay Is.

Structure of the Buchholz Relay

This relay looks like a Dome Vessel, which is installed between the pipe connecting the Conservator and the Main Tank, this type of Relay has two parts, which are as follows-

(i) upper part

It consists of a mercury type switch, which is attached to a hinged type flap, which is connected to the transformer. Oil Conservator It is flowing in it.

This part of the Buchholz relay, when an incipient fault occurs in the transformer, then turns off the alarm circuit.

(ii) lower part

Whenever a serious internal fault occurs in the transformer, it circuit breaker trips up.

Working of Buchholz Relay

When heat or arc is generated due to a fault in the transformer, then the dissolution of transformer oil starts from it. this disintegration is almost 350°C But it starts.

The product formed due to disintegration in the transformer has approximately 70% There is more hydrogen gas which is light in weight, due to being light, hydrogen gas starts rising and it tries to go into Hydrogen Gas Conservator.

At that time it gets stuck in the upper part of the relay and this Hydrogen gas also starts falling in Buchholz Relay. As the level of the transformer oil drops down, the float that is floating on the oil of the relay starts falling down.

When the Float Falls Down, Wherein Mercury Switch It turns off as well as shuts off the alarm circuit.

When there is a serious sort circuit in the transformer under any circumstances, then the pressure of the tank of the transformer starts increasing and this pressure moves towards the gas conservator.

When this pressure increases towards the Gas Conservator. Then it passes through the Buchholz Relay, due to which the plates on the Buchholz Relay are pressed by the pressure of the gas and as a result of which the second Switch off and it trips the circuit breaker.

Working of Buchholz Relay in Transformer in Simple Word

Friends, you have read above that the Buchholz Relay is connected between the main tank of the Transformer and the Conservator. whenever anyone Transformer If there is any fault in it, then it starts doing its work and saves the transformer from burning.

When in Transformer Sort Circuit When it is filled in the main tank, it gets heated and starts evaporating, due to which gas is formed. After that this gas goes from main tank through pipe to Buchholz Relay. Due to which the float in the Buchholz relay falls down and then the electric bell in the relay starts ringing.

After this, when a strong stream of oil hits the other float, then the mercury switch is turned on due to the collision and the transformer is disconnected from the main switch. Due to which our transformer remains safe.

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