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Who is Clutch? type of clutch

Friends, in this post, what do I call clutch? The types of clutch etc. have been told, if you want to know, then read the post completely.

Who is Clutch?

A device which is used to connect or separate two shafts in a moving state as needed. Clutch it is said.

Clutch is used in every automobile, it is used between the gear box and the engine. With its use, we can get out of the running state of the engine. Car or Truck, Scooter Can detach from engine to stop etc.

Types of Clutch

These are mainly as follows-

1.Positive Clutch

This clutch is used when positive driving is required in the engine. This type of clutch has two teeth, which are stuck together to give positive conduction. These are of two types depending on the type of teeth-

  • dog clutch
  • angular clutch

2.Air Clutch

You must have known by the name of this type of clutch. that this clutch is driven by air pressure, no mechanical adjustment is required, as long as the air pressure remains, the clutch continues to operate, but when there is no air pressure, then This clutch is no longer able to work.

3.Centrifugal Clutch

use this clutch Two wheelers and small and low power used in vehicles. When its middle shaft is rotated at high speed, the load on it centrifugal force Because of this, pressure is exerted outwards on the clutch plate.

Centrifugal Clutch

This increases the frictional force between the two plates and more power is transmitted. As the speed decreases, the pressure on the clutch plates decreases due to decrease in centrifugal force and under the influence of spring they separate from each other.

4.friction clutch

A clutch that transmits power by friction is called friction clutch it is said. Through this clutch, the speed is gradually transferred from the driver shaft to the driving shaft, due to which there is no shock.

Initially, the clutch plates are mostly slip between themselves, but as the speed of the moving plate increases, they slip less and less. These clutches are of the following types-

  • single plate clutch
  • multi plate clutch
  • cone clutch

5.Over riding clutch

This clutch is used when the interior of the automobile has to be driven at high speed.

Over Riding Clutch

6.Magnetic Multiple Disc Clutch

This type of clutch is used to transfer power to multiple machines in factories or power houses. It is operated by cable sitting at a distance.

Magnetic Multiple Disc Clutch

In this, a strong magnetic force is created by the direct current. This magnetic force pulls the armature disc and sticks it through the housing plate.

Guys, if what do you call a clutch? good post engaged If yes, then tell me by commenting.

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