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Who is Spring? (Spring kise kahate hain?)

Friends, welcome to ITI Course.com, in today’s post Who is Spring? (Spring kise kahate hai?) The use of Spring etc. has been explained. If you want to get information, then you can get information by reading the post.

Who is Spring? (Spring kise kahate hain?)

Spring one mechanical component Which is used to control the external force.

someone to spring Machine It is applied to the engine and the machine operator to control the bumps, jolts and other forces acting on the machine. So that there is no damage to the engine and operator.


Spring is that elastic part of a machine which, by accepting external forces, changes it in the form of elastic deformation, that is, we can say that under the influence of forces Spring Material gets replaced.

Spring It has the property of elasticity, due to which the shape of the spring does not change even after accepting the load to a certain extent. load When it is removed, the spring again assumes its old shape.

The spring is made in such a way that it can easily Force or Load It can shrink when applied and regain its position when force or load is removed.

Uses of spring

Its functions are as follows-

  • use of spring Speed is used to control; like- Clutch and brake etc.
  • use this Force is made to install.
  • Spring is used to tolerate or not feel the shaking; like- In motors, the spring in the cushion of the bicycle, in the screwdriver, the spring in the railway coaches, etc.
  • use this Load is used to measure.
  • Spring is used to transmit energy; like- Watch and other similar devices,
  • Spring is used to measure force, such as- Gauge, Engine, Weigher etc.
  • It can be used in places other than machines and machines. Vibration is done to reduce it.

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