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Who is the circle?

Friends, in this post I am going to tell you about circle, in this I will tell you about the definition of circle and other information related to circle.

Who is the circle?

Circle, A figure is called that which is made up of all the points in a plane which are at equal distance from a fixed point.


circle formula

Area of ​​circle = r²
Circumference of circle = 2πr
Radius of circle (r) = d/2 where d – diameter of circle
Diameter of circle (d) = 2 × r

definitions of circle

These are as follows-


to the center point of the circle Center it is said. A circular line is drawn around this part of the circle in equal distance.


a curved line formed by a set of points Circumference is called


locus distance from the center, of the circle Radius is called


A straight line joining any two points on the circumference, passing through the center of the circle, is called that line. Diameter it is said.


A straight line passing through any two points on the circumference, which does not pass through the center, is called that line. Chord it is said.

6. arc

any small part of the circumference of a circle arc It is called


part of a circle cut by a straight line Segment It is called

8.Tangent Line

Any such straight line, which passes through a circle touching any point of the circle, is called tangent line it is said.


only half of any circle Semi-Circle It is called


The figure formed by the arc of a circle and the radii passing through its other points Sector is called

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