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Write a note on human lymphatic system.

1-lymphatic system-

In addition to the blood circulatory system in all vertebrates, there is another fluid circulatory system called the lymphatic circulatory system. The fluid is called lymph, the duct of the lymphatic system flows in this way. The lymphatic system is made up of lymph cells, lymphatic ducts, lymph nodes and lymphatic organs.

Write a note on the lymphatic system of man.

1-lymphatic capillaries,

Here there is a network of fine tubules found in the organs, their last branches are finally called ducts or-

2-lymphatic duct-

Lymph cells join together to form lymph, it is similar to veins in structure.

3-Lymph knots-

By inflating on the lymphatic duct or some pharynx, the lymph makes the song.

4-lymphatic organ-

Thymus gland, tonsils, etc. are lymphatic organs.

2-functions of the lymphatic system-

Following are the main functions of the lymphatic system

1-blood capillaries-Plasma and white blood cells are filtered from the blood cells and reach the tissue, this filtered form is called lymph, this fluid reaches back into the blood through the lymphatic system.

2-lymphatic organsIn the lymphatic organs, it consists of lymphocytes in the nodules.

3-lymphatic organs-Antibodies or antibodies are produced in the lymph nodes, which are the main parts of the immune system, they participate in defense.

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